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Our Region from 1400 to 1700
A Timeline
A Visual Timeline

A Collection of Important Events

1438- Inca military expansion begins

1441- Maya tribes under Xiu revolt

1470- Moche Empire conquered by Incas

1497- John Cabot lands in Labrador

1498- Columbus lands on Venezuelan coast

1499- Vespucci lands on Columbian coast

16th -cent- Conquest of Pueblo Indians by Spaniards

1519- Hernan Cortes arrives in Tenochtitlan

1520- Death of Monctezuma

1521- Spanish occupy Aztec Empire

1525- Spanish conquer highlands of Guatemala

1527- Death of Huayna Capac & subsequent conflict over royal succession

1529- Francisco Pizarro becomes governor of Peru

1533-39- Spanish conquest of Inca Empire

1533- Murder of Atahualpa

1535- Inca revolt in Vilcabamba led by Manco Capac II / Francisco Pizarro founded city of Lima, Peru

1541- Spanish conquer Yucatan

1544- Manco Capac II murdered

1572- End of revolt in Vilcabamba

1604- Jesuits take control of Paraguay

1607- Virginia becomes first British Colony

1608- Founding of Quebec

1609- Reducciones (Indian reservations) founded

1620- Founding of Plymouth

1623- Founding of New Hampshire

1626- Founding of Salem

from 1630- Settling of Massachusetts by "Great Migration" of the Puritans

1630- Founding of Massachusetts

1634- Maryland colony

1634- Founding of Connecticut

1636- Founding of Rhode Island

1663- Carolina Colony (split in 1723)

A Series of Cartographical Timelines

This is a map of pre-columbian civilizations in our region. (Map From: Historical Maps on File)

This is a map of our region. The arrows depict various voyages led by European explorers. (Map From: Historical Maps on File)

This map shows the native american population loss in North America.(Map From: Historical Maps on File)

A Revolutionary Timeline